Our Philosophy


The Seacoast College Prep Hockey Club is dedicated to providing an ice hockey club that is focused on helping youth learn the values of teamwork, sportsmanship, commitment, self-esteem, discipline and responsibility. The underlying goal of our Program, is to promote and instill these fundamental values within each individual to last for a lifetime.

The Seacoast College Prep player development philosophy is based on the core roots of player skill development combined with having players competing at the right level of competition. Seacoast College Prep is an Elite Hockey organization and as such we are committed to developing the best hockey players but also just as importantly strong young leaders. The strength of this concept lies in the belief that skilled players, playing with others of similar skills, are able to learn more about teamwork and the game of hockey, because their coaches are teaching a team of players who can all execute and understand at the same level. Seacoast College Prep coaches stress skill development as a first priority followed by systems development, play making and teamwork. Excellent coaching, highly-competitive league, and tournament competition and access to international programming through LEGACY Global Sports all serve to “stretch” Seacoast College Prep players’ abilities and attitudes, building self esteem in a variety of areas. Every aspect of the Seacoast College Prep schedule, from player selection to practices to competition, is designed to help the individual improve as an athlete and person. Additional benefits include the expansion of life experience and the development of self-confidence, all while having fun with their friends!